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Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
. >> this is a puzzle about how he played his cards. he picked paul ryan, who has big ideas -- and this appetite -- it can be sated. he will get a lot of cred from the voters pavillion. instead you get the worst of both worlds. you get whatever criticism there was. and they use him like tim pawlenty. aey haven't talked about single tough choice. >> for the c-span audience, one question from earlier -- there are two big questions. i am not convinced. one question, why did mitt romney not pivot to the center, as he did in denver in the debate, why didn't he do that in april. that was the time to make the shift. the obama team forecast their strategy. >> the reason was -- you wrote brilliantly about it. until the convention, the campaign they ran was not good until the convention. they wasted money in not buying adds earlier. he could have moved to the middle. the republicans didn't think they could win and would have taken any transition. and an email from northern chile -- what impact will latino voters have? you bring a lot about immigration reform. >> new mexico wasn't in play. it went automati
Nov 6, 2012 10:00pm EST
and behold, a week and a half later we had paul ryan. i don't think chris christie would've made a difference. but it is interesting and there has been a lot of contention that the convention culminating today between chris christie. >> chris christie is not a guy that forgets. he has a lot of pride. >> that is well said. chris christie helped president obama get reelected. it's kristy christie was part of that. >> i want to look at the real-time results. democrats are in the waning senate races. north dakota, nevada, new mexico and wisconsin. if that were to hold and a lot of those are too close to call, that means you end up with a senate that has 54 democrats and two independents. bernie sanders and angus king, the newly elected independent from the state of maine. there would be 56 senate democratic votes. mitt romney has structured a very flawed campaign you have mitt romney they say if you are your own lawyer, that's not a good idea. it is a terrible idea. they had a very inefficient structure, a confused message. dealing with a candidate. they were shocked at his first debate performan
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2